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Lacto is Magic!


Dear Ruth,


I am writing you regarding your lacto and camphor products.  I have been a loyal customer of yours (as are my sisters) for many years (since the 90's).  I routinely get facials but since I have been using the lacto - every night and the camphor 2 times a day, I rarely need to get facials.  I still go for the pampering, but my skin no longer requires facials for maintenance.  My complexion has never been clearer since using the two products together regularly.  I was very reluctant because of the price, but now it is the only cream I can use to keep my complexion clear.  Over all, it saves me money because I do not get facials as often as I did in the past.  I always buy the big container since it is the same price as a facial but it lasts for months.


I spent the winter in Kloosters, Switzerland usually out skiing or watching my son ski at the ski school and I never had a single dry spot on my face.  My son got terrible wind burn from skiing without a ski mask and I used the lacto on his face and literally 2 days later, his face was clear and did not have a single dry patch.  


My son suffers from eczema as do I, and when we have a break out, I immediately use the lacto and with in 1 to 2 days the burning, itchy dryness goes away.  I am very happy with the product.  It is gentle enough to use on my 5 year old.


I wanted to also mention that I was at your salon today and I picked-up several bottles of camphor for friends and myself and I tried to buy your avocado lotion for gifts but you were out. I left my # with the lady (I forgot who helped me) and she called me a couple of hours later and told me she would order the lotion for me.  I am very happy with the services you provide and the kindness of all the girls who help me.  I really appreciated the fast help.



- Riza, Geneve, Switzerland


I bought some of your Lacto cream - which is fabulous. I need to always be able to get The Lacto Cream! Thank you & Take Care.

-Julie Pruger, NYC

I used to Lacto Cream for only on my pimples 5 times a day and it works like magic. I love it. Thank you!

 - Trina, L.A.

I used for my eczema scabs above my eyelids and my acne. It's the only cream that works for me and I been using it for 15 years. I love it, love it, love it.

- Sam, West Hollywood

I used the Lacto after shaving and I cools the skin. My wife uses it on her bikini waxing and she thinks it's great!

- Tom, L.A.

Iíve been using lacto for a couple of years now. I find it so healing for blemishes and making sure I donít scar.


- Holly

Lacto is the only cream that helps to minimize break outs and acne. Itís truly the best cream for your skin!


- Tina

I use Lacto for dry skin acne and razor burn. I Love it. Canít imagine my skin without Lacto!


- Christina

I use it on bikini line after waxing and on acne.


- Elizabeth



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