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Magic Pigment Lightener A:  $79

Recommended for olive skin. A magic lightening product for wrinkles and pigmentation. Apply in the evening. Keep refrigerated. Active ingredients – Hydroquinone, Vitamin E, Triethanol-amine, Carborner, Hyaluronic acid.


Magic Pigment Lightener B: $79

Recommended for any skin type. A magic lightening product for deep wrinkles and severe pigmentation. Apply in the evening. Keep refrigerated. Active ingredients – Retinol, Hydroquinone, Vitamin C, Triethanol-amine, Carborner, Hyaluronic acid.


Peel Phenol: $79

For wrinkles and large pores: Good for all types of skin, especially for problematic skin with open pores. Makes the skin supple and smooth while tightening the pores. Apply 2 drops 1-2 times daily on clean skin. Active ingredients – Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Usnic acid, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin C.


Pigment Lightener: $79

A lightening product for pigmentation. For light skin. Keep refrigerated. The active ingredients – Hydroquinone, Vitamin C. Apply gently at night on clean skin don’t rub.


Pigment Lightener for Dark Skin: $79

Recommended for Dark and Olive Skin. A product for peeling and renewing the skin tissues. To be used at night, a very thin layer. Active ingredients – Retinol, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E.



Lacto Cream: $160

For irritated skin. For any rash, acne, scabs and dry flaky skin. Lacto Cream will peel off your scabs and kill the bacteria from acne, when used 5 times a day on affected areas, also prevents ingrown hair from waxing or shaving. Lacto Cream will counter the outbreak from dermatitis and eczema. Lacto Cream will not dry your skin. Active ingredients – Lactic acid, Lactose from real milk.





Pigmentation is the degree of darkness of the skin, hair, and iris of the eye depends primarily on the amount of melanin present. The presence of hemoglobin and carotene in the blood contributes to skin color. Moles and freckles are caused by high local concentrations of melanin; albinism by a lack of melanin; and some birthmarks, e.g., "strawberry marks," by an unusual local proliferation of blood vessels (and hence of hemoglobin) near the skin surface. Tanning of human skin results from an increase of melanin production under the stimulation of ultraviolet light.



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